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San Leandro Crusaders

San Leandro Crusaders  is a competitive youth athletic program. Our mission is to provide an environment where each athlete learns the skills, tactics,  and strategies to perform at a high-level. Along with those skills, our goal is to instill personal perseverance, sportsmanship, teamwork and leadership which will prepare our athletes for the next level of competition. 

San Leandro Crusaders Football Registration

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San Leandro Crusaders Cheer *** Registration is closed, Please check March 2023*

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Volunteers Needed


We are looking for coaches who can help educate our kids in all areas of development including developing team leaders.

Football: We are seeking coaches that have a moderate level of knowledge of the game of football and can manage a team of children ranging in age from 7-14. Our focus will be to help them develop and appreciate the game of football and teamwork as they make their way through our program ready and prepared for high school.

The Coach will be responsible for teaching football skills to a team with varying levels of skill and abilities. Training will be required and provided by USA Football as well as supplemental coordinated clinics organized with various coaches in our local area. Coaching experience is not required but a willingness to learn will be necessary. Please send an email to for more information.

Cheer:  Our cheer teams will focus on kids ages 6-14. Our program will focus on preparing each child to learn the skill of cheerleading, teamwork, leadership and competition.  As the coach you will be responsible for preparing our cheerleaders to perform on the sidelines at our football games as well as preparing them to compete in Cheerleading competitions throughout the year.  Coaching experience is not required but a willingness to learn will be necessary. Training will be provided by NAYS (National Alliance for Youth Sports)  as well as collaborating with other cheer coaches. Please send an email to: for more information.

All Coaches:  You will be required pass a background check and obtain CPR/1st Aid Certification.  You will also be scheduled for an interview with our Executive Board Members. You will also be required to attend monthly Board Meetings held every 3rd Wednesday.

We encourage all our members to participate in our board meeting held every third (3) Wednesday of the month.  If you would like to attend, please opt-in for notifications by sending us an email at

This program is successful when many hands work together.  As we work to build and prepare for a new season with a new outlook we will need people to help.  We are also looking to fill open positions for committee volunteers, football gameday operation staff, etc.  If you want to lend your support and service, please send us an email at

We will continuously add more information to this page as we move through the process to build the best program for the 2022 season. 





Burrell Field

Burrell Field
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Tonya Baker

President, San Leandro Crusaders

Evette Washington

2nd Vice President/Football Coordinator, San Leandro Crusaders

Phone: 510-325-0122

Natalie Kennedy

Cheerleading Coordinator & Varsity Head Coach, San Leandro Crusaders