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San Leandro Crusaders Participant Update, Please Read!!

We want to first say Thank you for your support of the San Leandro Crusaders and it's over 50 year history of serving our community. Unfortunately, we as an organization, have made the decision to discontinue moving forward with the 2021 Crusader season .  We feel this was the best decision we could make to help keep our children and families  healthy and safe. It is  a heartbreaking and unsettling decision, but feel it was the only one we could make.  We understand the severity of this decision and the effects it will have on our families. The decision was based on several factors up to and including the rise in cases of COVID-19 and the uncertainty of what the next few weeks and months will bring as we move through this phase of the pandemic. 

Refunds will  be issued to anyone who has paid their participation fees to date. 

Please continue to check our website for updates and contact us with any questions.



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San Leandro Crusaders

San Leandro Crusaders  is a competitive youth athletic program. Our mission is to provide an environment where each athlete learns the skills, tactics,  and strategies to perform at a high-level. Along with those skills, our goal is to instill personal perseverance, sportsmanship, teamwork and leadership which will prepare our athletes for the next level of competition. 

Burrell Field

Burrell Field

2021 San Leandro Crusaders Executive Board

  • President - Tonya Baker
  • Vice President - Dana Rivera
  • 2nd Vice President - Daniel Rivera
  • Cheer Coordinator - Natalie Kennedy
  • Treasurer - Nicole Hearne
  • Secretary - Brandy Baker-Lynch
  • Parliamentary - Nicole Gibbs
  • Sergeant at arms - Reuben Baker-Lynch
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Tonya Baker

President, San Leandro Crusaders